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Monster Jam 2020

We attended Monster Jam Triple Threat Series at Nassau Coliseum this past Friday and WOW did we have a blast! Keep reading to learn more about Monster Jam, some tips if you are attending, and how you can help Monster Jam combat childhood cancer. 

Monster Jam Triple Threat Series

Monster Jam Triple Threat Series is broken down into three parts – three different machines and three different skill-sets. The Monster Trucks, ATVs, and Speedsters participate in this event and compete in head-to-head racing, 2 wheel skills, and our favorite: the freestyle competition. Each competition brought on plenty of excitement and thrills. Landon loved seeing his favorite monster truck in real life, Grave Digger driven by THE Krysten Anderson, and I was honestly so impressed by all of the athlete’s skills! Throughout each competition, the drivers gain points and Monster Jam has a fun option of using where fans in the audience can help to score the drivers in certain competitions. Colton Eichelberger driver of Max-D (pictured below) brought home the winning trophy of the night.

"This Race Saves Lives"

Monster Jam is partnering with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help combat childhood cancer with the “This Race Saves Lives” auction event and “This Shirt Saves Lives” campaign. You can visit here to learn more or get your own shirt and donate directly at

Tips When Attending

  • While Monster Jam is a family friendly event, we opted to not bring my 2 year old.  I am happy with this decision as I feel it’s geared towards children a little older, maybe we will bring him next year!
  • Bring hearing protection! I was fine without using any, but Landon (9) needed them. We purchased our hearing protection earmuffs in advance at Walmart for under $15. I highly recommend these Peltor ones. Hearing protection was also available for sale at the concession stands in the venue for around $25.
  • Dress warmly, we wore our coats for most of the event. Many Monster Jam events are located outside. Our event in particular was inside, however because of the fumes, dirt, etc. they keep the doors open to circulate the air and it did get chilly. 

If you’ve attended a Monster Jam event and have additional tips and tricks please feel free to share in the comments below.

Click HERE to see the Monster Jam tour schedule and to purchase tickets!

Thank you Monster Jam, BML Public Relations, and Feld Entertainment for hosting us!

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