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Mess-Free Painting

It’s Toddler Tuesday!

I’ve been sharing a lot of activities geared towards older children lately, so I wanted to focus on a fun toddler activity today. Many associate toddler crafts and activities with big messes and that doesn’t have to be the case! I stumbled upon Mess-Free Painting on Pinterest and decided to try it with my boys, with some modifications. My oldest son enjoyed this as well, so it also makes a great family activity if you have children spanning in ages. 


  • Children’s paint in various colors  (we used Crayola kids washable paint)
  • White construction paper (you can also use standard paper, but since construction paper is thicker, it holds the paint a little better for Step 3 below.)
  • Large zip-lock bags
  • Sturdy tape, such as painters or duct tape
  • Scissors (optional)


  1. Trim (or fold) paper so it is a tad smaller than the zip-lock bag
  2. Place small size dots of each color on the paper 
  3. Carefully place the paper inside the zip-lock bag (the paint will smear, but that’s OK!)
  4. Close bag and tape to surface to secure
  5. Have fun! Draw designs, letters, or numbers on the zip-lock bag with your fingers or use smooth toys around the house (we used toy cars to create a paint racetrack!)

Have a fun Toddler Tuesday activity/craft you’d like to share or be featured? Comment below or visit the “contact” page.

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  1. Oh yes, we love mess-free painting! I used to make sure the bags were taped really well and then tape them to the window. My kids loved being able to see through it when it was nice and sunny out 🙂 Great activity for kids while we’re all social distancing ourselves!

    1. MomBunsandMayhem says:

      Love the idea of putting it on the window on a sunny day! So fun!

  2. I used to do this for my kids when they were small. It’s how they learned the ABCs as part of our homeschooling. So much fun and best of all, mess-free!

  3. This is a good idea, my son is 6 and would have fun with it!

  4. Rachel Da silva says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! These are great idea, and I appreciate you sharing some “mess-free” ways we can teach our child! Excited to try them out!

  5. Karissa says:

    Oh what a clever (and clean) way to incorporate painting! I definitely need to try this with my son!

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