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Learning Around Long Island

Raise your hand if you and your kids are going stir-crazy? Us too, so we decided to take our learning on the road and explore around Long Island. 

While our journey isn’t complete just yet I wanted to share some pit stops we’ve made so far so you can get out and start learning and exploring too! 

Grumman Memorial Park, Calverton

This was my son’s favorite stop so it only seemed fit to start here! Grumman Memorial Park “is a volunteer effort paying tribute to the incredible advances in aviation and aerospace that took place on Long Island.”  We learned about the F-14A  (the 331st Tomcat to roll of the assembly line right in Calverton), the A-6E, and so much more!

You can learn more about Grumman Memorial Park and get the hours and directions here:

Tesla Science Center, Shoreham

While we couldn’t go into the actual science center, many are unaware there is a small pull-off area near the gates in front where you can view the Nikola Tesla statue and read a little bit of information on the history of the Tesla Science Center. 

This is a great lesson  to continue at home with the Tesla Center’s Virtual Science Center and Brain  Pop’s fun educational video on Nikola Tesla (found here.)

You can visit the Virtual Science Center and learn more here:

Suffolk County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, Bald Hill, Farmingville

This monument is located on Bald Hill (one of the highest points on Long Island) and acknowledges the great service and sacrifices of Vietnam Veterans.

This stop had such a breathtaking view, beautiful memorial monument, and it was such a great introduction into a history lesson on the Vietnam War.

You can find directions here:

The Big Duck, Flanders

While we stayed in the car during our visit to The Big Duck, it was definitely not hard to miss! The Big Duck is on the National Register of Historic Places and made for a fun sight-seeing trip.

You can learn more about The Big Duck here:

Next Stops:

Please share in the comments or send me a message on my contact page if you’ve visited these places or found other local treasures that we can explore too!

For my non-local readers, I highly suggest hopping on Google to find some neat places nearby, a good keyword search is “monuments + your county”, and share your experiences too!

Disclaimer: Please practice social distancing guidelines when exploring. Many of our stops had little to no other people present, however, for one destination we chose to learn from our car due to crowding. Also, be sure to double-check your destination is open and accessible. 

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  1. Love! I want to take my kids to see some sights near me while no one is leaving the house lol!

    1. MomBunsandMayhem says:

      It’s such a perfect time, most stops had no one else there and we were really able to learn and appreciate everything!

  2. Nady says:

    The big duck looks interesting

    1. MomBunsandMayhem says:

      It really is! It’s on the National Register of Historic Places built by a duck farmer in 1931, we can’t wait to go back once it’s open – there’s a small museum inside.

  3. Yes, go out and explore while still practicing social distancing. I do the same.

  4. Jerika says:

    Such a good way to still get out and do things! Looks like a day full of learning and fun.

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