Motherhood & Faith

Motherhood and Faith

Hey friends, I would like to introduce a new blog series coming to Mom Buns and Mayhem: Motherhood and Faith.

This series has been on my mind for quiet some time now and I’ll be honest I was very hesitant to move forward with it, but I feel called to do so.

Many of you know I am a Christian, but lately I have been struggling with my faith and find myself forgetting to even pray – something I should be doing daily regularly. 

I am making building my faith a priority in my life again and since my blog is such a huge part of my life, I wanted to invite you along that journey with me. 

Every month I will be focusing on one Bible verse that can pertain to motherhood and reflecting on it. I will also be making printable scripture cards with the correlated Bible verse to share with you.

Subscribe below to be the first to know when this new series goes live (hint-it is very soon!) AND as a thank you one new subscriber will win a custom printable scripture card with the scripture of their choice.

Thank you for your continued support on my blogging journey.


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