Rainy Day Activity Ideas

            April showers bring May flowers.

Happy April! I am so excited for the spring sunshine, but I anticipate we will have plenty of rainy days, so I’ve created a list of some fun rainy day activities you and your littles can do to beat the rainy-day blues.

  1. Activity Books – activity books are one of our favorite indoor rainy activities. Pictured above are some of our favorites, you can find them in my bookshop HERE or send me a message for a customized book recommendation list!
  2. Movie Marathon – Who doesn’t love to snuggle up under a warm blanket during a damp rainy day? This would be a great day to introduce your littles to some of your childhood favorites. (If you’re a 90s kid all of The Mighty Ducks movies are on Disney+, you’re welcome.)
  3. Bake something – Cookies, cake, maybe even a cookie-cake. Baking together is such a fun way to bond while teaching your little ones.
  4. Build a fort- grab some extra throw blankets and get creative
  5. Family Game Day/Night- pull out some board or card games and have fun

Looking for more rainy day activity ideas?

Head to my Instagram post HERE or visit The DIY Moms page HERE for rainy day crafts and activities.

Don’t forget to download my FREE Spring Printable Activity Kit HERE which includes both rainy and sunny day printable activities for kids.

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