Make Your Own Dinosaur Garden

Hey friends! I am sure many of you have heard of a fairy garden, but being the mom of boys who love everything dinosaur I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add a little prehistoric twist and create a dinosaur garden. Making our dinosaur garden was SO easy and tons of fun. This outdoor activity is so versatile and there are many different creative ways you can create your own dinosaur garden, but here is how we made ours.


  • Pot -I was able to score a nice large pot at Dollar Tree
  • Variety of Plants & Flowers – We got our flowers at a local garden center and plants at Walmart
  • Potting Soil -Walmart
  • Dinosaur Figurines – Dinosaur mini play set found at Marshalls similar to THIS (affiliate link.) Dollar Tree also carries dinosaur toys that would work just as well!
  • Additional Decorations – Fairy garden decorations from Dollar Tree
  • Rocks – from our front yard
  • Seashells – collected during a walk at our local beach
Remember this is YOUR dinosaur garden, it can be any size you’d like and include anything you’d like!

How To Build Your Dino Garden:

Making our dinosaur garden was SO easy and tons of fun. We went for a whimsical look with the flowers and chose marigolds. For some greenery we used dusty miller plants and a succulent to create a leafy forest look, because the dinosaurs need leaves to eat, of course.

After everything was arranged in the pot, we started to add our decorations this is where your creativity comes into play big time! We created a lake surrounded by seashells and made rock path and placed our dinosaurs throughout creating our own little Jurassic World.

Last, don’t forget to care for your new dinosaur garden by watering the plants. 

This is an activity that is sure to lead to many days of fun outdoor play while incorporating learning such as garden and potting maintenance, weeding, etc. – this will vary based on what you planted, but most importantly HAVE FUN!

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  1. Love the dinosaur concept! My kids love dinosaurs and the combining it with garden seems a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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