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Kids Tissue Paper Piñata Craft

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate I wanted to share this super easy tissue paper kids piñata craft and some educational recourses on Cinco de Mayo for your children that we plan on incorporating in our homeschool lessons today.

Kids Tissue Paper Piñata Craft:


  • Cut up pieces of tissue paper in various colors
  • Piñata printable, download yours here: Piñata Printable
  • Construction paper
  • Glue


  1. Cut out piñata template, download above, and glue to construction paper (or trace your own on paper.)
  2. Spread glue out all over the piñata (glue sticks work best for this.)
  3. Have your child take the pieces of tissue paper and decorate their piñata craft by sticking them to the glue – this is great for developing fine motor skills!

Educational Resources for Cinco de Mayo:

More Cinco de Mayo Craft & Activity Ideas:

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