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Make Your Own Bug Hotel

Happy Monday! Since the weather is getting warmer I wanted to share this fun and educational kids nature craft activity idea, make your own bug hotel. Before starting this activity I highly recommend reading Bug Hotel from Usborne Books, you can find it in my bookshop HERE to learn more about creating your own sustainable environment for garden insects. There are many different variations to make your own bug hotel, but here is the easy way we did ours.


  • Bug Hotel book
  • Birdhouse or other sturdy waterproof structure
  • Paper towel roll
  • Leaves, sticks, flowers, or any other “bug food” such as honey, bamboo, etc. 
  • Glue
  • Scissors




  1. Decorate your birdhouse or structure to your liking, if your birdhouse doesn’t have a large opening in the front make one by cutting the wood.
  2. Cut paper towel rolls apart depending on the size of your structure and place them inside securely using glue.
  3. Fill the paper towel roll parts with food for the bugs and use leaves to create little beds
  4. Place outside, preferably by a garden-area. 

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