DIY Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas

Hey friends! The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer so I wanted to share one of our favorite outdoor play activities, DIY Backyard Obstacle Course. 

There are so many ways you can make your own backyard obstacle course simply using items you already have in your home or inexpensively from Dollar Tree. 

Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas & Supplies:

  • Hula-Hoop, hula hoop in place x amount of times
  • Cones, great to use to mark off start/finish or running in between
  • Pool Noodles, lay one flat to create a balance beam or curve one create hurdles
  • Stakes & Ribbon, put two stakes or sticks a few feet apart into the ground , tie a ribbon across to either create something for them to crawl under or jump over
  • Play tunnel, crawl through between obstacles
  • Burlap sacks, hop to next obstacle 
  • Lawn Darts 
  • Old tires to jump through 
  • Jump rope, jump rope x amount of times
  • Balls
  • Dry erase dice, we got these at Dollar Tree. Write different prompts on each side (hop on 1 leg, jumping jacks, leap like a frog, etc.)
The possibilities are endless to create your own diy backyard obstacle course. Don’t forget to have your phone or a stopwatch handy, my oldest son loves timing himself to see how fast he can get through our backyard obstacle courses. 

More Kids Summer Outdoor Activity Ideas:

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