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The Best Kids Medicine Mom Hack, FlavoRx

Kids Medicine Mom Hack

This is a sponsored post by Mom Select and FlavorRx.

'Tis The Season..

Cold season that is (and if your child is picky like mine, STRESS season.) Whenever Adrian gets cold and requires medication, getting him to actually take the medication is a whole job in itself. We’ve all been there – the tears, the meltdowns, and even the occasional face covered in medicine that your child just spit out on you. I feel you mama and I am so happy to say GOODBYE to the medication meltdowns and hello to my new favorite mom hack, FlavoRx!

What is FlavoRx?

FlavoRx is here to help make the medicine-time experience better for both kids and parents by letting kids choose how they want their medicine to taste at the pharmacy. FlavoRx offers flavors to fit even the pickiest kid’s taste buds and has a wide variety of 16 different flavors your child can pick from including:

  • Awesome Apple
  • Banana Bonanza
  • Blastin’ Bubblegum
  • Mighty Mango
  • Sassy Sour Apple
  • Smashin’ Strawberry (Adrian’s favorite!)

All flavors are non-allergenic, sugar-free, gluten-free, dye-free, AND casein-free, making the same for your children. You can even visit to view the best medicine and flavor combinations (like Amox/Clav + Giggly Grape), print out a free fun medicine tracker (pictured right), and more!

Where Can I Find FlavoRx?

FlavorRx is a service available at select pharmacies when picking up your child’s medication. I am personally able to find FlavorRx at my local CVS pharmacy, however FlavorRx is offered in over 46,000 pharmacies around the US essentially making medicine time so much better for parents nationwide. You can visit to find your closest pharmacy to flavor your child’s medication.

Why I Love FlavoRx?

Medication time for us was so stressful before FlavorRx. Being that Adrian is sensory sensitive getting him to swallow new tastes is difficult, and I was consistently fearful of his illness being prolonged and not treated correctly from him frequently spitting medication out. FlavorRx has flavors he is already familiar with and likes, like strawberry, making him able to swallow and take his medication. I also love the ease of finding FlavorRx and how many pharmacies near me offered this medication flavoring service. I also love the free resources FlavorRx  to help us parents such as a Medication Taking Tips guide and dose tracker found HERE.

Being a parent is already hard, but now thanks to FlavorRx medicine-time doesn’t have to be.

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